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You deserve a great plan

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We make it easy to offer a great plan to your employees.

More than half of all American households do not have enough put away for retirement, and the problem is getting worse, according to new research from the Center for American Progress. The biggest problems are that far too many people don't have access to a private-sector retirement plan, and secondly, the plans they do have access to aren't very good (High fees, bad investment choices and no access to a Financial Advisor)

  • From One to Thousands

    Whether your company is starting its first retirement plan or looking to transfer an established plan, we offer flexible plans to meet your organization’s needs. You will find our plans fit companies of all sizes – from those with a single employee to those with hundreds of plan participants.

  • Our Plans are different

    We work with you to design a low-cost solution for your retirement plan needs. Our Plans come with a Financial Advisor to help your employees start saving, help with asset allocation and investment planning; provide long term financial planning, and more, at no extra cost. We hold "learn at lunch" financial education seminars to increase financial literacy, and will help start and grow participation in your plan.

Low Plan Costs is Key

Hidden Fees and charges greatly effect long term returns.

  • No Load, Low Cost Funds, and ETFs

    If you're current Retirement Plan's Investment choices include mutual funds with any kind of sales charge or high internal annual fees, you need to switch to a low cost plan - NOW! High Fees and sale charges greatly reduce long-term returns and can leave you open to litigation. In fact, plan sponsors have been getting sued for not having provided a low cost retirement plan to their employees.
    Our plans only utilize low cost, no load funds, or ETFs, as investment options and our investment advisory fee is only 0.25% annually, which may be the lowest in the industry. In most case, the "all-in annual fee is 1% or less.

  • Low Fees With a High Level Service

    Helping employees make smart decisions in their retirement plans has received plenty of press lately and rightfully so. Yet few providers have made any changes in how they assist employers and employees engage and make better decisions for their situations. We can provide you and your employees with a great financial education program. Our program is helpful; it is personalized, and we make it relevant so it is likely to be consumed by your employees.


Additional Services With No Additional Costs

Plan • To • Save


We help you setup the best plan based on your needs and we help your employees with asset allocation, fund selection, and retirement planning.

Financial Education

Employees want financial education! Over 80% of employees indicate they would participate in financial education and counseling if it were available in the workplace. (Joo & Grable, 2000).

Full Service Offering

We are full service Financial Advisors. That mean we can help you and your employees with Real Estate, Mortgage Planning, Insurance needs, and comprehensive retirement and legacy planning, with discounted fees and commissions.
(We’re all about low fees!)

We can help you with the following plan types

Individual 401k - Group 401k - 403b - 457b

You deserve a great retirement plan!

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